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Life in Jakarta…

Life in Jakarta

Ok, after spending about 3 months in Jakarta, I can say that I’m almost accustomed with the idea of living here just like before I went to the states. There are a few things that really bother me though:

1. Traffic Jam


2. Slow Internet Connection

For a few months, I’ve been trying to find the best Internet Service Provider available and none of them meet my expectations. There is one in particular that I really liked, but they don’t have coverage either in my office area or my house area. Right now I’m just using 3G connection with Telkomsel Flash (as they are the steadiest of all), they don’t have HSDPA coverage in our area either. Indosat do have HSDPA coverage but they are expensive as hell, it will cost me around $ 35.00 for 1 GB worth of data and another $ 100.00 for each GB afterwards. With my download habit, it will probably cost me around $ 500.00 each month. That’s probably why I rarely update this blog…

3. Lousy work ethics

People are just different here; they just don’t have the work ethics that I’m used to in the States. They will come up with so many reasons for so many problems, not just in the office but also in their daily lives.

4. Unpredictable Weather

Well I guess I can’t say anything about this one, but it’s really Hot in Jakarta (a’la Mac in Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends … if you know what I mean). Coming from Oklahoma I guess it’s almost the same, except it’s really humid here.

That’s my rant for now, I’ll be back with some more later… ask me in another 3 months or so 🙂 Gosh I miss the States…

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