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Last Day of Work…

It has been a year since I started working for Ackerman McQueen, I started as an intern and finally became a Market Research Analyst, it has been fun but now it’s time for me to go. As much as I want to stay and work here, I have to go.

Here’s my job description in this company:

  1. Conduct and analyze international, national and regional advertising, sales, conversion, tracking, attitude usage, pyschographic, ethnographic, brand equity, and customer satisfaction studies and perform perceptual analysis.

  2. Cross-tabulate and analyze statistical data from media sales and other syndicated sources such as MRI, Simmons, NPD and Nielsen.

  3. Gather data on competitors and analyze their prices, sales, messaging, advertising, website, and method of marketing and distribution.

  4. Analyze qualitative research studies, focus groups, and In Depth Interviews.

This is my last day… but, before I leave, I would love to share the lessons that I’ve learned throughout the year:

  1. KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid, “Grant” it.

  2. Execs are busy people; don’t waste their time.

  3. If it is not worth telling, then don’t tell it.

  4. Only tell what’s interesting

  5. Average is just that, Average, and they do not deserve any attention

  6. Make sure, make sure and make sure the data is correct (labels, numbers, source)

  7. Average should always be double checked!!!

  8. Don’t take that simple report for granted. A 3-pages report might take the author weeks to prepare.

  9. Be logical in the way you are reporting, have some flow.

  10. Listen to what the customers want from the report.

  11. Abraham Lincoln “Sorry, but I don’t have the time to make this letter short…” Write everything and you can always cut them later.

  12. Right is better than fast. Fast rarely impresses, but right always does.

  13. Dig deep for information, the info you want might be on page 12…

  14. Analysis is comparing the competitors report with the client’s business not reporting what the competitors business are.

  15. Things don’t always go as you expect… be prepared and go with the flow.

I have always liked it here, great people, great project, great experience, great knowledge… and great company. Thank you very very very much for Debbie Johnson, Bill Winkler, Rodney Lipe, Barbara Johnston, Trisha Parker, Mark Ackerman, Kyle Martin, Bob Harstad, Susan Vermillion, Christy Allen, Lauren Taylor, Carla Sparks, Sharyn Chesser, everybody that work here and of course Mr. Angus McQueen for such a great opportunity and a great time in this company. Hopefully we can meet again someday…

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