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Don’t Get Over Your Head, Boy !!!

It’s important to know what you are capable of…

Every human being has talents that was given by God, and it is our duty to find it and use it as a human being in order to be a blessing for our-self and peoples around us. Lots of people who are dreaming that one day they will become a CEO of a great multinational company, own a very big mansion, drive a 2 million dollars sport car and 7 digits yearly income. However, most people is not being honest with themselves therefore, all those dreams will frustrate them even more since they know that they will never achieve that dream. In the end they will become bitter, depressed and blame everyone else except themselves for their failure.

It is important to know our own capabilities and limitations, although it is also important to review our limitations over time. It is possible that our capacity grow as long as we want to learn and be diligent in whatever we do. A lot of people that don’t know what their limitations are and lots of them set their bar higher or even lower than what they can actually do. Therefore lots of people are frustrated since either it’s too much for them and they become depressed or it’s too little and then they become depressed.

There are things that we can do to know what we are capable of e.g. personality test such as temperament test, MBTI, DISC or even Clifton Strength Finder. But for me, the most important one is… go ahead and do what you want with passion, do it, take the risk, that the chance, the worst that can happen is it fails and when it fails, at least you know.

The sooner you know about yourself the better you will be in the future. Look inwards to go outwards….

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